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SPW Ecojustice Center
Dedicated To The Preservation, Protection And Potentiation Of Environmental Justice For All The People, Lifeforms And Ecosystems Of Our World Through Environmental Entrepreneurship. We supply seeds, equipment, processing plants and consultancy for creating rural agroindustrial centers.
SPW Ecojustice Center would like to invite all WORLDWIDE entrepreneurs who are now or want to develop sustainable agricultural machinery recycling businesses to become a part of the newly developing SPW Ecojustice Center Agricultural Machinery Assembly Association. This timely consortium is being led by Dr. Carol Cross, President of SPW Ecojustice Center, Agricultural Machinery Assembly and Repair Division.
Our organization is committed to providing SPW Ecojustice Center Agricultural Machinery Assembly Association entrepreneur members with all the contacts, systems, entrepreneurial skills, business development skills, and support systems you need to successfully do business in the worldwide green market-places. We'd like to Bond and Link with you so we find out what you want to get and what you want to share with other entrepreneurs in creating a sustainable world. Please accept this as our open invitation to closely Bond and Link with us by joining SPW Ecojustice Center Agricultural Machinery Assemblers Association.

According to Dr. Carol Cross, President of SPW Ecojustice Center, "The idea for the Consortium is the result of years of bonding and linking with people from all over the world. I have been involved with firms from many tropical countries and I am impressed by their industry and work ethics. Frankly, any part of the tropical world can create sustainable development but only through the use of agricultural machinery. It is simply a matter of developing hardworking, dedicated ecologically oriented, sustainable entrepreneurial cultures.
There are many lands in the tropics that need rural economic development through small scale industries and by creating Agricultural Machinery Assembly and Repair businesses these countries can develop the first workable sustainable tropical entrepreneurial cultures. The vast plant resources coupled with their already developed infrastructures place them in a perfect position to develop and advance their businesses only if they are able to transport their goods to the marketplace. Tropical countries are already a world source of many raw materials that can be turned into industrial development projects. But they've got to transport their goods to the market. For much of agricultural production in tropical countries, the main obstacle - how to get the quadruple the production of food to meet growing world needs. All that is needed is the technical assistance, technology transfer and access to the vast US marketplace for them to take off and create lucrative green businesses.
Dr. Cross continued, "African, Central American, Caribbean and South American are already producing food and other products that need to go to their marketplaces and to places where the products can be transformed. There are many pieces of agricultural machinery in your country that need repair. In most areas there is not one single good place where agricultural machinery could be repaired. There are some places where you find all kind of torn up parts lying around. But the shop is not organized and not efficient.

As development proceeds in your country, more and more markets for used agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery parts and for agricultural machinery repair will grow. As these worldwide Agricultural Machinery Assembly and Repair markets open up, firms that belong to the Consortium will automatically be included in a wide variety of training and support services.

It seemed to me that Agricultural Machinery Assembly and Repair firms could profitably work together within country and between countries to create a lucrative Agricultural Machinery Assembly and Repair


US $12.95 - 15.95/Unit
1 Unit(Min. Order)
US $100 - 20000/Unit
1 Unit(Min. Order)
US $12 - 15/Pound
50 Pounds(Min. Order)
US $4500 - 15500/Unit
1 Unit(Min. Order)
US $4500 - 15500/Unit
1 Unit(Min. Order)
US $90000 - 150000/Unit
1 Unit(Min. Order)
US $4200 - 4500/Unit
1 Unit(Min. Order)
US $2000 - 4000/Unit
1 Unit(Min. Order)
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