Agriculture Machinery Exporter Support System

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Miami, Florida
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SPW Ecojustice Center
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Agriculture Machinery Exporter Support System
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Enlist the SPW Ecojustice Center To Increase The Sales of Your Machinery and Equipment


Fact one - Nearly 1 billion people are malnourished, and a child dies of hunger every 11 seconds. By 2050, farmers would have to double crop production to meet the demand.


Fact two -  I know you are selling agricultural and energy equipment and machinery.   Well you have lots of competitors. The fact is the marketplace for your products is filling up with so many competitors that they are taking away more and more sales from you.


Have you done any market research?   And didn’t you find out that they are all trying to reach the same marketplace you are reaching for?


What if you needed a way to market your products and machinery before all your competitors were entrenched in that marketplace?  What if by the time you finally decided you needed a new way to market, your competitors had already grabbed off most of the market share. You’d be upset, wouldn't you?


Well that whole new marketing system is here and it is based on the internet  Maybe you have tried putting together a website and are marketing through a B2B service like Alibaba. That is a good start but it is not enough just to put up a selling lead on Alibaba. Did you know there are 566 suppliers of Chinese tractors alone?  And they are all on Alibaba.


556 suppliers?  How can you compete and make sure your machinery is what they buy? Customers have to find out you exist. It means you cannot just wait for Alibaba to market your equipment.  You need to tap into the internet as a marketing vehicle but you are going to need to put together an entire marketing campaign based on a communication strategy. You are going to need a social networking program, marketing courses online, export publicity services, sales literature services, English finesse programs and many add-ons to enhance your internet marketing.



If yes, even more importantly, as you enter that internet marketing environment you will need a complete set of communication strategies. Do you want to tap into the power of the internet market place as it is developing?  If you produce tractors do you want to fight against 556 suppliers without a competitive advantage?  Alibaba and other B2B trade lists are invaluable. But when all your competitors are on it, you need another way to make sure people know about your company.  When they are in need of tractors,  instead of just typing in “Chinese tractors” when they go to Alibaba, you want them to type in your company name.


You need a Competitive Internet Communications Strategy. Are you willing to develop a communications strategy that make potential customers  come directly to you or do you want to wait until your competitors take control of most of the market share and you find yourself swimming upstream against the current? You are going to need


Take this opportunity to develop your communication strategy for export right now, before it becomes the agricultural/forestry production standard.


The 21st century is rushing upon here.  Well the 21st century is going to have to be the century of sustainability. It is going to be exciting to live in a century when agriculture will be based on ecologically sound principles of production.  Environmentally friendly crops like kenaf will create whole new industries.  Reforestation and use of fast growing tree plantations will take the place of extraction and ecologically unsound logging practices. 


Another fact  - This is a century in which your equipment must make the environment better, not destroy it.  Are you ready for this century of sustainability?  Do you offer equipment that can be used in sustainable agriculture, forestry or rural agroindustrial development?


We’ll support you in marketing your agricultural and energy machinery and supply the sustainability component to add to your marketing package.


Connect with us at the SPW Ecojustice Center and get started today to make sure your machinery is the machinery the buyers know about and purchase. Get your Communication Strategy for Export now.  Download your copy of the SPW brochure.